The Astrology of Self-Transformation

ayresThe potential for astrology to provide a paradigm of deep wisdom and understanding of human evolution, both collective and individual, is significant. It gives practical tools for dealing with change and its proper timing.

The divine archetypes or ideas that are the foundation of creation are clearly delineated within astrology and can be personally applied to each individual’s life. The personal application of the divine ideas that are to become embedded in a living expression within the life of the individual provides a clear picture of their intended destiny. The ancient art and science of alchemy, which traditionally utilizes astrological symbolism, delineates the primary phases of change. The alchemical knowledge applied consciously in times of change or crisis facilitates the intended result of growth.

The fundamental principles of polarity and duality are investigated with a focus on its expression as the play of light and darkness and good and evil. Within this context the Good is examined as the positive expression of the divine archetype and Evil is examined as the negative expression of these divine ideas. The role of morality in human life and the cosmos is applied to chart interpretation and is explored within the context of positive and negative karma and positive and negative aspects within the horoscope.

The transits and progressions identify the timing of the manifestation of the karma which results in a crisis within the individual’s life. The crisis is the opportunity to work the forces of change for positive self-transformation and self-actualization by consciously working with the alchemical principles of death, acceptance and rebirth or nigrido, solutio and coagulatio.

The nature of the human being is investigated using the paradigm of macrocosm and microcosm, so that a deeper understanding may be achieved. The three primary constituents of the individual’s life expression of spirit, soul and life mission are identified as relating to the Sun, Moon and Ascendant respectively within the natal chart. With this framework of understanding, more clarity can be achieved within the context of an astrological consultation.

Astrological Alchemy

Night-and-Day-300x240The art and science of self-transformation is based on the personal natal chart or horoscope. It is the art and science of unfolding your potential and the development of higher states of consciousness. It is the turning of lead into gold or turning of darkness into light.

Our negative karmic patterns of thinking, feeling and action must be consciously transformed into positive patterns of thinking, feeling and action. Negative karmic patterns identify trapped consciousness or light that must be transmuted and allow the inherent light or consciousness to shine as expanded awareness.

This is based on the personal natal chart which is a map of the soul and our karmic inheritance from past lives. Properly understood, it is your road map to higher consciousness if you choose to take advantage of the opportunities for growth. The transits and progressions identify the most propitious timing for taking advantage of growth opportunities and the most effective timing for instituting change in your life.

The people, circumstances and situations in your life are manifestations of your karma. When a crisis occurs our negative karma is activated and we are being tested to see if we have learned our lessons related to our negative patterns of thinking, feeling and action. It identifies the opportunity to change our reaction response from a negative to a positive and thus heal our negative karma. Crisis is opportunity. Knowledge is power. It is your choice whether you live a life of struggle and disappointment or a life of happiness and fulfillment. Call for an appointment today and begin to change your life now.

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  • Monthly New/Full Moon Analysis

    The monthly lunation cycle, which consists of the changing relationship between the Sun and the Moon, is an important significator of events. This cycle maps the monthly process expressed through all life of birth, growth, decay and death. By observing the signs and degrees in which the New and Full Moon fall important cosmic intentions can be delineated. To the degree the individual consciously aligns their life and intentions with these cycles they can experience a much more successful and fulfilling life.

    Each phase of the lunation cycle has its significance. This cycle consists of the New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, Third Quarter, back to New Moon. These lunar phases are one week apart. But the most important are New Moon and Full Moon on which we are going to focus.

    The New Moon is the archetype of the seed planter. When the Sun and the Moon, the divine masculine and feminine, come together in conjunction, a seed is planted which will grow into new life expression. What the quality of that life will be is determined the sign and degree in which the conjunction takes place. Also the planetary aspects formed at that time will also be important. This seed grows to fruition where we are able to observe its manifestation at Full Moon. The archetype of the Full Moon is Illumination when the Moon is fully reflecting the light of the Sun. It is when the Queen of the Night is fully reflecting the King of the Day or when the soul is fully reflecting the light of the spirit. This is the culminating stage of the growth process. From this point it begins to decay and die in preparation for the next manifestation.

    Observing the lunation cycle and how it manifests in your personal life can result in deep insights. When you consciously work with this cosmic rhythm of manifestation your personal achievements can be enhanced by working with the intention of the stars.