One of the most important principles of life and consciousness is cultivating and knowing the truth. There is divine and absolute truth and it is the basis and foundation of the universe and life. The cosmic laws and principles of nature are what science seeks to discover so that the power and wisdom of the universe can be tapped and utilized in practical ways to enhance mankind’s quality of life.
But besides science’s motivation to discover these truths that are inherent within matter and the physical manifestation of creation, there is the necessity for mankind to discover, unfold and live the more inner spiritual laws of life. These unfold within the consciousness of the individual as a result of inner reflection and meditation. One way that we can accurately describe the true nature of the human being is truth consciousness. When we individually and collectively become the living embodiment of truth then life is lived at the level of harmony, wisdom and perfection which is the goal of human evolution.
We want to remember this cosmic law: thinking is the basis of action; action is the basis of achievement; achievement is the basis of fulfillment. The word ” man ” is derived from the Sanskrit which means ” to think “. The key word for Gemini and its ruling planet Mercury is “to think”. We want to understand that the mystery of the human being is contained within the mystery of human thinking. As a person thinks, so they are. If you change the person’s thinking you change the person’s life.
It is a fundamental part of the human experience to discover and live the truth. Established in truth we cannot make mistakes. It is very apparent that our present culture and civilization is not based in truth. The state of massive conflict in the world is the result of living and basing our thinking and actions in untruth. These supposed truths that are the basis of our culture need to be examined, challenged and changed.
Each one of us has a responsibility to know and live the truth and communicate it to others. Most of us are aware that something is terribly wrong in our world and things must change if we are to survive. Each of us needs to speak up and speak out to create a meaningful conversation about the basis of the problems in our society. This is the manner in which enlightened change will happen. The time is now.

Libra ( September 22-October 21 ) Working on improving your primary relationship is encouraged now. The opportunity to experience positive growth both personally and in relationship is supported. Good communication is emphasized. There is also a unique opportunity to discuss and achieve mutually agreed upon plans for the future. True happiness can be achieved now.

15-14 Sun in Gemini


With the beginning of the Spring season the fertility and fecundity of nature expresses in all of its beautiful diversity. New life and new opportunity are unfolding to manifest a new cycle of life expression. Taurus is a fixed earth sign which expresses as love of earth or love of materiality. The desire to experience all of the wonderful manifestations of life and nature are inherent within our being. Taurus is the most sensual sign of the zodiac and is very much into material pleasures and enjoyments. For a Taurus the pursuit of pleasure is a very defining characteristic. Not that all of us don’t enjoy the pursuit of pleasure. But we need to remind ourselves that we didn’t just come here to Earth to indulge ourselves in the pursuit of the finer things of life.
One of the things that we soon discover is that the finer things of life cost money. The finer the things usually the more costly they are. So the primary drive and intention inherent within Taurus is mastering how to create wealth and abundance in our lives. We need to master money in order to fulfill those desires for the experience of those finer things.
With the Sun entering Taurus on April 20 we should be placing more attention on mastering money and wealth and abundance. In the Spring of new beginnings nature is presenting you with new opportunities to advance your material and financial well being. Be attentive to what nature presents to you in this regard. Remember, the Sun is in Taurus only once a year to enliven these opportunities for you. Take good advantage of these times
Libra ( September 23-October 21 ) The need for you to live and express your diplomatic skills is needed now. It is emphasizing these needs within home and family and marriage and partnership. There is also a very special energy of self transformation that is involved. To connect with this magical quality some attitude adjustments on your part are required. There is a new energy of spirituality that is coming into your life.

15-20 Sun in Taurus


The Sun enters Aries on March 20 marking the beginning of Spring. Spring Equinox is the beginning of our annual seasonal cycle of rebirth. Winter is a death process which involves releasing and letting go of that which no longer serves us. It is a cleansing and purification preparing us for rebirth and new beginnings. Hopefully you now have a new sense of purpose and direction in your life. This is the best time to initiate new projects in order to gain the support of the natural cosmic cycles that form the basis of all life expression.

Aries embodies the archetype of the warrior so it is now time to put on your warrior suit and go into battle. The battle is with the inherent resistance of our physical environment and the challenge of overcoming its stuckness and bend it to our will. The principle of Aries is courage. It takes courage to stand up to the powers that be in order to manifest and realize your own unique dharma and destiny.

Aries is the sign of the zodiac that expresses through motivation, initiative and action. The generic keyword for Aries is I Am. We are all in the process of self discovery of who and what we are. One of the primary paths of self realization is that of action or karma yoga. We discover who we are through what we do. Take some time to sit quietly and do a life review. Pinpoint the key things in your life that you have done and accomplished. Meditate on how these actions define you.

This Spring Equinox is especially powerful. It is also a New Moon total solar eclipse. The shadow of the eclipse is cast over Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Where the shadow falls is where the greatest effect will be experienced. It is also the last of seven exact squares between Pluto and Uranus. These are the two planets that are behind all of the current turmoil in the world. Things could get rather crazy now. Hold onto your hats.

Libra ( September 23-August 22 ) With your busy relationship life you can sometimes be so busy keeping others happy that you lose touch with yourself. It is important that you establish your independence by not being swayed by what the people around you think and do. One of the ways that you can establish more independence is by establishing your financial independence. Go for it.

15-20 Sun in Aries


Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and it represents completion patterns. The Fishes embodies the highest vibrational frequencies that are the source and foundation of all life and creation. It represents unity consciousness which is the living experience of the underlying oneness of all life. Everything is the expression of consciousness or light. Increasingly it is becoming imperative that we recognize and honor our interconnectedness with each other and all life. What each of us does ultimately affects everyone and everything. That is why we have the beautiful simplicity of the Golden Rule: ” Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. It is also expressed through the aphorism: “You are your brother’s keeper”. We are all in this adventure together and we have a responsibility to help each other along this challenging path of life.
The Sun enters into Pisces on February 18 and it is just 3 minutes after the New Moon in Aquarius 29 degrees. This time is very powerful in its combining of the Sun’s entry into Pisces combined with the Aquarius New Moon. Neptune, the planetary ruler of Pisces, is conjunct the Sun and Moon giving more strength and emphasis to the spirituality that is being seeded at the present time. Saturn is squaring these 3 planets trying to inhibit their expression. The Uranus/ Pluto square is conjuncting the Dragon’s Head and Tail adding additional testing to the situation. It is presenting a clear choice to act on the basis of selfishness or selflessness. It is now time to heal the illusion of separation between us and come together.

Libra ( September 23–October 22 ) There is a need for you to establish and maintain a strong sense of self. Your tendency is to be there for everyone else but you tend to lose yourself in the process. You must be clear about your unique individuality and live it authentically in the midst of the demands that are put on you by others. You independence and sense of self are being tested now.

15-09 Sun in Pisces


After the Sun moves from Capricorn to Aquarius, it moves from the time of year of the holidays which are ruled by tradition and the beginning of the New Year, which opens us up to new opportunities. Now is the time to embrace new visions of possibilities. Aquarius’s energy is that which represents that which is new and different and ahead of its time. This consciousness supports freeing and liberating ourselves from the past in order to create a new future. This year is going to be a time of unprecedented change. It is time for each of us to look at our lives and determine what is still unfulfilled. This is now the time to embrace the inner motivation that you have to achieve your hopes, wishes, dreams and ambitions. Break boundaries–break old patterns and free yourself from your self imposed limitations that have ruled your life so far.
Aquarius rules freedom and liberation from the past and your self limiting patterns of thinking, feeling and action. Reclaim the innate ability you have to create the life that you dream of. In the process you must recognize and face your fears. Fear is what holds you back from a better life. We must work through our fears and come out the other side. You will feel empowered and able to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Fear is such an insignificant emotion that keeps you trapped in your small self. That is not truly who you are. Life is an adventure and if you don’t go for it you will never experience what you are capable of. Freedom is your true nature. Now is the time to go for your dreams.

Libra ( September 23-October 22 ) It is important that you establish your independence in social situations. You have a tendency to go along with the crowd and in the process you lose yourself. You have a fear of standing on your own and now it is the time for you to recognize this and have the courage to be different. Your unique individuality is precious and you have the responsibility to live authentically.

15-15 Sun in Aquarius


We live in the mountains. Mountains are a world unto themselves. The beauty, majesty, the immensity of these geological formations are enchanting and challenging. The great height of these granite rock walls touch the sky and allow us to be as close to the heavens as possible. They form their own unique environment of forests and lakes and rivers that assure that nature is the dominant influence here.
The Sun enters Capricorn on December 21 which is the shortest day and longest night of the year and marks the Winter Solstice. Capricorn expresses through and manifests as the mountains. In the spiritual traditions of the world mountains are a symbol of life and the spiritual path. The zodiacal being that expresses through Capricorn is the mountain goat–the most sure footed of animals whose instinct is to climb to the highest possible point. From the top, the whole world is at your feet and you have conquered the mountain. This is a metaphor for life where we need to have the ambition and drive to achieve our highest goals. This can manifest as peak experiences. In order to do that we have to overcome all the obstacles and challenges that life throws in our path. The difficulties of life are like climbing the mountain–no chairlifts. We unfold our potential and get stronger through mastering our inner and outer issues. So let’s go climb our mountains.

Libra ( September 23-October 22 ) There is a need for you to work on establishing greater independence in terms of your relationships. You are always there for everyone else which is commendable but in the process you tend to lose yourself. You can feel taken advantage of because your concern and generosity is often not reciprocated. Rather than look outside of yourself for direction, you need to look within.

14-12 Sun in Capricorn


This time of year is when we celebrate Thanksgiving–a uniquely American holiday. People came to this country to achieve greater spiritual and material opportunity. They are still coming.
We are blessed with material abundance and a national “can do ” attitude. When people have the opportunity to follow their dreams and open up their awareness to greater possibilities, it amazing what can be accomplished. We have much to be thankful for.
Even as difficult as things might seem there is much to be thankful for. So much of life is about attitude. Our attitude about something can make a big difference in the result. There is a great power in having a positive attitude.
The Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22 and this is the sign of the zodiac of happiness, abundance, generosity and optimism. It is a uniquely American quality and look at what we have achieved as a group consciousness. It is the envy of the world. Be sure to truly give thanks on Thanksgiving.

Libra ( September 23-October 22 ) You are in the process of achieving a clearer sense of self. Your uniqueness and individuality are being stimulated so that you can become more conscious of your differentness. There is a growing sense of elevation and freedom that wants you to establish your independence on a stronger foundation. Start making yourself the priority in your life.

14-11 Sun in Sagittarius


On the evening of October 31 we celebrate Halloween. People get dressed up in costumes, often impersonating supernatural or otherworldly creatures, and go trick or treating and partying. This holiday is the ongoing celebration of the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, followed the next day by the Christian All Saints Day.
Halloween and Samhain celebrate the archetypal nature of Scorpio. Traditionally this is the time when the boundaries between the spiritual and material worlds become thin allowing non-physical entities to enter the physical and for humans to enter the spiritual realms. It is a time of releasing the lower astral entities–demons, the dead, etc–to be able to walk the earth.
The Sun enters Scorpio on October 23. Scorpio is that sign of the zodiac that rules the depth and power of the soul where most of the light and dark tendencies of life are stored. It is an area of ourselves that requires acknowledgement and transformational work to manifest its inherent light.
Turn your attention within and embrace the depths of your being for self actualization of your light.

Libra ( September 23- October 22 ) There is a sense of new beginnings for you now. You feel a new more loving sense of self unfolding. This is giving you a new perspective on the significant relationships in your life. You see how you can improve this part of your life by opening up your heart a little more. You can improve your relationship life now.


We are now at the time of the shifting of the seasons. Summer is receding and Fall is approaching. Energy and consciousness are shifting which we feel within ourselves and observe the changes in nature. The air will feel crisper and the leaves and grasses will turn beautiful enchanting colors. The days will be shorter and the nights longer.
Fall is the time of year of harvest. That which nature and ourselves have worked on through Spring and Summer will reach fruition now. Those things which we have put our attention on developing and growing reach their fulfillment now–whether negative or positive.
The Sun enters Libra on September 22 which initiates the Fall season. This is the time of the Scales which is reminding us to keep our balance. Balance is the basis of harmony which is what we are all striving to achieve. Equilibrium between man and nature and equilibrium between man and man is the goal. Let’s see if we can achieve this goal now in our personal lives.

Libra ( September 23-October 22 ) This is your month to shine. This is a particularly romantic time for you. Someone at work may catch your eye. It may or may not be an appropriate relationship but enjoy the opening up of your heart and the exhilaration that you feel. There is the possibility here of a committed relationship. Remember not to lose yourself in the process.

14-09 Sun In Libra


It should be the case that we are more active in the summer time. Hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming and playing sports are usual activities this time of year. This can make us more fit and healthy. With farmers markets and fresh produce we can have healthier food and diets. People who live at Tahoe tend to spend more time outdoors and therefore are more active and healthy.
We are constantly hearing how unhealthy the American populace is and we all need to take responsibility for our physical, mental and emotional well being. It is important to understand that all of these aspects of our being are intimately interconnected. Our mental and emotional states affect our physical body and the state of our physical vehicle affects our mental and emotional well being.
The Sun enters Virgo on August 22. Virgo is the sign of the zodiac that rules our health. This is an excellent time to begin an exercise routine and explore how we can improve our diet and our eating habits. This time supports cleansing, detox and healing regimens. We always feel better and have more energy and clarity when our life is based in healthy habits. Go for it!

Libra ( September 22-October 22 ) You need to put attention on your relationship life. There is the opportunity for improvement that will result in both of you being happier. There are some old issues that need to be dealt with that will require effort and growth on both of your parts. Try to see the situation from the other person’s perspective and be understanding.

14-08 Sun in Virgo